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Rich McCready - Omaha, NE

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Parent Category: Off The Record

Road tours can lead to exhaustion for everyone involved which means everybody watches out for the driver.  That is precisely how Rich’s next road tour adventure begins.

Driving day and night to arrive on schedule at the next venue is something a driver does, the trade off, he/she always misses the show!  This is 1 show; I bet the driver would have stayed awake for!

Arriving at Guitars & Cadillac’s in Omaha, NE the technicians and Big Al go inside “to set up for the show” while Rich “took Don”, their driver, “to the hotel” for some much needed shut eye!

After dropping Don off at the hotel, Rich came back to the venue to “relax in the quiet” of the coach until the show.  With “Big Al on the inside his radio in hand and Don’s radio on the dash” Rich settled in for some “portable TV time” before the show.

Instructions from Big Al were “don’t open this door for anybody! I’ll call you on the radio when we’re ready.”  The band had portable radios for communication during shows in the event something went wrong.  Nobody could have predicted how wrong things were going to go this day.

Now you don’t have to live much of life to know, rarely do plans ever execute accordingly and this was no exception!

Onboard the coach, Rich is “watching a game”, inside Big Al has “everything lined out and decides it’s time for Rich” to enter the venue.

Calling for Rich over the radio to “come inside”, Big Al then notifies the band members to “begin playing” the lead in to the first song of the first set. 

Meanwhile, in the coach, Rich is “still watching TV”.  The “band has been playing for 5 minutes” with “no sign of Rich” joining the show!  “Big Al calls over the radio again “for Rich to “come in, it’s show time”! 

Oblivious to events unfolding onstage, Rich is “ready and just enjoying the game, waiting for his call from Big Al”.

“Playing the same lead in for 10 minutes now, the band wonders what is going on”.  Big Al is concerned and decides to “go and see what has happened to Rich”.

Exiting from the stage entrance, Big Al approaches the coach.  Remember, Rich was to “keep the door locked at all times and not open it for anybody”…now how is that going to work out???

Trying the door, “Big Al finds it locked and begins pounding on it” while hollering for Rich.  “Rich! Rich!  Rich, you in there…open up!”

Following instructions, Rich is “not about to open the door” because he has “no idea who is out there”!

Pounding like a judge wielding a gavel over a disorderly courtroom, “Big Al is trying to get Rich on stage!  The band has been playing the same lead in for 15 minutes now” and Rich “thinks an overzealous fan is trying to interrupt his quiet time before the show”!  Can you imagine what the audience is thinking by now??

Realizing, it has “been a long time” and there “hasn’t been a call from Big Al”, Rich decides to “check the radio”…you guessed it…”Big Al never turned it on”!!!

Going to the door that Big Al has decorated with ham sized fist marks, Rich bolts out of the coach asking “how long have the boys been playing?”  Racing inside the stage door with Big Al following, all the while yelling “why the Hell didn’t you come in when I called you?”  Rich replied from over his shoulder just before stepping onto the stage, “Don’s radio was off the whole time!”

The bewildered crowd had no idea what had transpired that night, but they could hum every note of that lead in without fail by the time Rich McCready took center stage!  They are all probably still humming it to this very day and Don’s radio, well it was probably never turned off again!!!

Thanks once again for sharing your escapades with us.  We look forward to hearing more of your road tour adventures in the future. Until then, be safe and God bless you and your band in all of your travels.


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