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Rich McCready - Las Vegas, NV

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Parent Category: Off The Record

If you have ever driven down a road concealed by a thick blanket of fog, you will understand the helplessness associated with blind movements and appreciate the predicament of an artist engulfed in a sea of man-made fog.

Standing on the sidelines at the “Aladdin in Las Vegas, Nevada” Rich McCready was directed by crew members to his position on stage.Instructed to “follow the glow of a pen light” trouble began when Rich “couldn’t see a beam of light anywhere”! The crewman said he was “shining” the “light on the microphone” Rich would use, so following a “flash” Rich “began” his journey “across stage”. “Never working with smoke machines or fog machines in the past”, Rich was entirely unprepared for the adventure that lay before him!

Attempting to navigate among fellow “band members already on stage”, Rich made his “way to what” he “thought was the microphone”. Once within the maze of fog, unable to see his “own hand at the opposite end of his “own arm”, Rich rapidly became turned around and found he was “falling into both the drum kit and the drummer”!

Scrambling to prevent a loud crashing of overturned cymbals, the drummer, “cursing” in dismay “yelled out” an inquiry of “what the Hell are you doing on stage?” He “thought a fumbling crew member had stumbled into his kit”! Horrified by the commotion being created, Rich whispered “it’s me…Rich” a “couple of times before the drummer could recognize” his own lead vocalist!

Repeating the “lead in” for their first song yet again, “other members of the band were attempting to guide” Rich to his “microphone”. “Stumbling and feeling around in the fog”, Rich” finally arrived at” his position, only to find “the guitarist in it”! “He too had” encountered some “difficulty locating a microphone”! “After” executing the necessary “switch to the opposite side” of Rich, “everyone feels that they have finally found their proper locations” and the show can begin at long last!

Still unsure to this day of how much or how little the crowd witnessed, Rich will never forget his first experience emerging from fog! Maybe a portable microphone attached to the artist would be good with fog?

We’re glad to know that you made it through the fog without falling off stage Rich and we appreciate you being a great sport sharing your behind the scenes tales with us. Looking forward to the next adventure in the next town, until then, God bless!

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