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Rich McCready - Chico, CA

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Parent Category: Off The Record

“Chico, CA and the Crazy Horse” will always remain an infamous piece of McCready history. Recalling the early days of his career and his first road tour Rich settles in to relate a hair raising tale of unrequited love and a “huge” fan.

While “standing on stage at the Crazy Horse a female” fan approached Rich with a rose clasped between her lips. Ignorant of this signaled invitation, Rich McCready focused on his business and “continued to perform” for the entire crowd before him.

Performing his “first live show on this road tour”, Rich was “new to touring and new to this venue”; he wanted only to do a great job. His fellow veteran “musicians knew” what the amorous fan was initiating and decided to break the new blood in. “Instructing Rich” that he was “supposed to take the rose” was not enough, he required encouragement as this was no ordinary fan…this was a larger than life fan with eyes only for Rich.

Plucking up some courage Rich “leaned down to remove the rose from her mouth”; however, she was having none of it! While “shaking her head and backing away” Rich became perplexed by her behavior. Taking pity on the innocent new talent, a band mate whispered, “She wants you to remove it with your mouth”! Again, Rich McCready found himself desiring only to “make a good impression” and garner repeat opportunities; therefore, he decided to once more accept and play the hand that fate had dealt him.

Undaunted by the task before him, Rich “leaned down” ever so cautiously and while turning his head sideways extricated “the rose from the woman’s mouth” then with a hastily made retreat; he was “away before she could kiss” him! Whew! Now don’t you know his heart was pounding like a jackhammer breaking up concrete!!

The “crowd cheered” lustily for the moxie of such an act, while Rich “turned” varying shades of “red” beneath the onlookers gaze! The lady, well of course she was disappointed that her ploy had failed; however, she did have the eternal delight of brushing cheeks with Rich McCready which was more than any other woman there! Some things you never forget, like a rose removed from between the lips of a buxom fan!

Thanks for sharing your rousing story with us Rich, we wish you nothing but the best in all of your future music endeavors! God Bless!Quinlin O’Connell ©

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