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Tales of Starlit Travels

Rich McCready - Omaha, NE

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Off The Record

22 October 2009 Published: 22 October 2009 Hits: 7724

Road tours can lead to exhaustion for everyone involved which means everybody watches out for the driver.  That is precisely how Rich’s next road tour adventure begins.

Driving day and night to arrive on schedule at the next venue is something a driver does, the trade off, he/she always misses the show!  This is 1 show; I bet the driver would have stayed awake for!

Arriving at Guitars & Cadillac’s in Omaha, NE the technicians and Big Al go inside “to set up for the show” while Rich “took Don”, their driver, “to the hotel” for some much needed shut eye!

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Rich McCready - Las Vegas, NV

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Off The Record

Quinlin O’Connell 29 September 2009 Published: 29 September 2009 Hits: 8978
If you have ever driven down a road concealed by a thick blanket of fog, you will understand the helplessness associated with blind movements and appreciate the predicament of an artist engulfed in a sea of man-made fog.

Standing on the sidelines at the “Aladdin in Las Vegas, Nevada” Rich McCready was directed by crew members to his position on stage.Instructed to “follow the glow of a pen light” trouble began when Rich “couldn’t see a beam of light anywhere”! The crewman said he was “shining” the “light on the microphone” Rich would use, so following a “flash” Rich “began” his journey “across stage”. “Never working with smoke machines or fog machines in the past”, Rich was entirely unprepared for the adventure that lay before him!

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Rich McCready - Chico, CA

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Off The Record

Quinlin O’Connell 29 September 2009 Published: 29 September 2009 Hits: 8121
“Chico, CA and the Crazy Horse” will always remain an infamous piece of McCready history. Recalling the early days of his career and his first road tour Rich settles in to relate a hair raising tale of unrequited love and a “huge” fan.

While “standing on stage at the Crazy Horse a female” fan approached Rich with a rose clasped between her lips. Ignorant of this signaled invitation, Rich McCready focused on his business and “continued to perform” for the entire crowd before him.

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