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Shawna Russell  

When we look up at the night sky gazing upon the numerous stars twinkling in the heavens most people stand in awe of the majestic beauty; wondering all the while, is that a new star or an older star I see? No one knows the exact life span of a star; yet, we can all agree when we find ourselves in the presence of a brilliant one. Last time around we found Shawna poised for stardom; having glimpsed such a phenomenon in Colorado, now this star has firmly established orbit in the heavens!

Possessing an upward mobility takes you places in life providing an individual with experiences that shape the future and put the past in perspective; maintaining such momentum is often the challenge, unless you are Shawna Russell! As an artist, songwriter, musician and entertainer every thought, every action is about a passionate delivery which translates to each audience! Regardless of crowd size, distance from home, or venue type every show packs the same dynamic intensity; because that is what makes this star happy, consistently delivering quality entertainment! Precisely where we found Shawna to be since our last visit; delivering a stayed course of determined success!

Building and maintaining a fan base is the objective of every artist; requiring an audience of new and veteran fans alike, combined with invested time learning what each group finds appealing about your artistry. Here, solid management becomes essential booking those new locales; as well as, the familiar hot spots where fans abound! At each and every venue Shawna looks forward to sharing "great times with the owners", while enjoying the "engaging support" of their patrons and her fans! Ever mindful of the fact that music lovers have many choices; particularly in a state as ripe with talent as Oklahoma, Shawna is always humbled by the supportive presence of her fans! Devoted, she dedicates time after each show for expanding her knowledge of what resonates with people; listening to their stories, enabling her audience to encourage Shawna's progression as an entertainer. This relationship is both give and take affording both parties mutual and memorable benefits!

Single-mindedly delivering music which speaks to individuals in all walks of life is indicative of Shawna’s wish to share her positive outlook while generating “fun with friends”! A woman assured of what she wants and determined to do what is necessary to accomplish it; Shawna has no inclination to allow life to swiftly pass her by. Acknowledging the brevity of life; Shawna dedicates her efforts toward “being happy and sharing that happiness with others”. Believing “life is too short to be unhappy”; Shawna makes certain to “surround herself with like-minded people, stay positive and make the best of things”! Where has this passion taken her since our last interview in 2009…to a consistency which pleases Shawna; enabling her to feel confident she “is where she belongs”! Receiving “validation from people unfamiliar with me and my music; who have taken time out of their lives to support me” really means a great deal!

Attributing entertainer success to “finding a middle ground” in which “you are staying true to yourself as an artist, songwriter, performer”; while “reading your audience” responses and “striking a balance”. Shawna always performs her original material for listeners while only changing cover songs when necessary to maintain energy in a show. Adopting a “laid back approach to her newest release ‘Sounds Like a Party’; Shawna wanted to convey the “pure fun” associated with the “perfect day” amongst a “great group of people”, something everyone could relate to. The song “has been well received” and tends to “move people” to the dance floor with its dance worthy groove: certainly this reporter couldn’t resist either the fun-loving message or its underlying dance current! If you are a dancer like me; you owe it to yourself to visit Shawna’s website and watch the video, then share it with your friends at your next party!!

Performing at large outdoor festivals such as Drumright, Oklahoma's big annual July 4 "Summer Oil Patch Festival with her Way Out West Records' label mates ‘Live Wire’ is a treat Shawna is familiar with; but their recent pairing in Tulsa occurred at The Vanguard, a “smaller more intimate venue” which turned out to be “just as fun”, pumping up the crowd for a “great show”! Whether Shawna is performing with another band or other artists like “Blake Shelton and Dustin Lynch”; she makes the time to “observe their show” and evaluate their success drawing inspiration from another perspective. As an “Indie artist you find yourself in a David and Goliath” encounter with a “small voice” amidst the “powerhouses” of established stars. Like a chameleon; you must “change and adapt” to every situation “adapting your business plan”, constantly “finding new ways to climb over the wall” because it will always be a challenge. Keeping it fresh “incorporating new elements” like; “playing my saxophone”, playing new songs challenging your skills, “maintaining artistry” and “life experience based songwriting” are all ways to endure and connect with fans. Injecting “creativity by pushing yourself and stretching limits of capabilities” puts you out there in ways people respect.

Maintaining vitality and enthusiasm for performances is incredibly important for entertainers; another responsibility to herself, partners, and fans Shawna takes seriously! Adding running 5K’s to her list of hobbies recently; Shawna has extended her connection with her father and the community in Okemah. Three years ago Okemah began hosting a 5K charity event; naturally, the artist got involved! Shawna makes a point of racing at least once every two to three months; including conditioning by running a minimum of three and one half miles two to three times weekly in preparation for races. As with any artist nutrition is so important; staying healthy for performances is paramount, Shawna finds it even more the case running races. Endurance events both; Shawna has added a new edge to her artistry performances through a new fitness program! Among such benefits; the “family community of runners, the combined positive energy surrounding events, the release of stress and negativity, as well as the accomplishment of achieved goals”…a great parallel to Shawna’s experiences as an artist!

Empathizing greatly with everyone involved in the Boston Marathon bombing; imagining their immense loss having “such a positive event” attacked along with “all the emotions” associated with potential “risks to future marathons”, Shawna extends her heart and prayers to everyone hoping they will “raise above the incident and return even stronger” thus inspiring people yet again. “This event is such a positive environment; one giant family working toward the same good cause, hopefully it will continue to demonstrate that same energy” for years to come.

Dedicating so much emphasis to wellness through physical fitness and nutrition; Shawna has added gardening and shooting a Recurve Bow to her growing list of hobby activities. Each person needs to assert themselves in a “pro-active role for health and exercise”. Nutrition and fitness are our responsibility. “We are in control” of our own well-being with so many “available resources including farmer’s markets, cooking our own foods, enjoying the outdoors and becoming active” it is entirely up to us. If we “live an example” of health and well-being “others will join in” and the “movement will continue circling outward”!

Influences are often overlooked by entertainers; however, Shawna closely examines the representation she generates for others hoping to inspire individuals in large and small ways. Desirous to share positive energy and instigate fun wherever she goes; Shawna pays special attention to expressive “details”. While performing on stage; Shawna typically appears “in ‘Miss Me’ jeans combined with either a shirt or tank and a jacket”. Having a bit of “sparkle or design pattern” determines her denim preference and the “jacket” is born of necessity given Shawna tends to be on the “cool” side! Accessories include an affinity for “turquoise”; otherwise, you are most likely to see her in “Nike running gear”! Practical, and fuss free simplicity is the life this talented artist leads because life is complicated enough.

Preferring specific foods; Shawna confesses she could eat “pizza and Mexican food daily”, but doesn't choosing to indulge her flavor filled delights only “once in a while”. While Shawna exercises discipline refusing to fall into unhealthy practices; it is easy to discover behavioral patterns, as well as how closely linked to her success they may well be! Similarly; Shawna “gravitates toward Adult Contemporary enjoying Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, and Ryan Adams”, while returning to her favored “era in music of the late 60’s and 70’s” which remind her to “step out of her boundaries, exceeding limitations by “pushing and strengthening” to redefine her artistic parameters. As a “young artist” Shawna labored to ensure technical “perfection”; then with influences like “Robert Plant; mellowed with age” to embrace music through expression of passion and audience connection.

Listening to music finds Shawna as open and objective to diversity as any other aspect of life! While Shawna does not feel a need to utilize “profanity to express emotion”, neither is she “offended” by those artists who do. Shawna is “not judgmental” of others and has “no problem accepting their artistry” as individuals; feeling “if it generates happiness for someone that is all that matters”. Diverse in her music tastes; Shawna enjoys “some Rap in her running playlist”, believing it is “our diversity which connects us and narrow-mindedness that shuts off ties of creativity”. Shawna lives and performs “wishing everyone the equal opportunity to be heard” and respects artistry in its unlimited expression. Check out her show schedule on www.shawnarussell.com for times and dates as well as all the latest news, videos, and tracks; then follow her on your favored social media network or stop by to support Shawna during her next race!

Fortunate enough to engage this artist during her “transition period”; in which Shawna was “making time for songwriting” and “hoping to at least have an EP out soon for the new album”, it was an extreme pleasure to visit with her once again!   A serious commitment to listeners and creating new music for fans enjoyment is uppermost in Shawna’s mind; along with a grateful heart for her fans who “validate me”, wanting listeners to know “I am always happy to see you, thank you for making time to listen no matter what!”. Never dim; for your light burns brightly from within, thank you for the illuminating inspiration Shawna! May you continue to be blessed and bless others with your performances; you are what the world needs more of!

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