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Rascal Flatts credits fans for 10 years of success (Video)

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The interviews of country music legends on Sunday night at the ACM Awards have all one thing in common they thank their fans. The band Rascal Flatts wasn’t any exception as they talked about their continued success with their music and how the fans are a major part of their 10 years of music.

The band, composed of Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney, currently has one song on the top charts and have Justin Bieber fans looking into their music after a duo with the young artist. Rascal Flatts has 11 tours under their belt with 11 number one hits on the charts. Still, they see the road ahead being one of great fortune as they know their fans are going to be there for them.

“"We love playing music and it is the heart and soul of what we do. We are fortunate for the great group of fans that are fanatical," said Jay DeMarcus talking about the band success. 

While Rascal Flatts fans are definitely vocal, they also have the music bring them closer to the band. Known for their tunes in Disney movies, commercials and playing on the radio, the band is extraordinarily diverse.

At the ACM Awards, Rascall Flatt once again was seen on the red carpet thanking the fans and doing what they do best by playing music for the masses.

By Jodi Jill

National Celebrity Headlines Examiner


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