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Published: 29 September 2009 Hits: 3179
This concept was brought to you courtesy of visionary Jerry Adamson. For a while now, Jerry has had a dream to create a MidAmerican Hollywood where stars of all varieties could be publicly recognized and followed. Thus, the creation of an observatory to the stars in this sector was born. Too often, those who dream never take the necessary steps to achieve success. Jerry is an excellent photographer, web designer, videographer, modeling agent, and now, magazine publisher. After much toiling and finagling Jerry has made his dream a reality. Through this process he hopes to inspire others because its dreams that keep hope alive for a better tomorrow.

Right here in this region tremendous talent abounds, if only people were aware, life would be different. Growing up you may have attended school with or worked alongside any one of these entertainment icons. Whether you’re looking for musicians, silver screen actors, fashion designers, models, athletes, or thrill seeking action junkies you will find many of the best in your own backyard.

Jerry has been privileged to meet many of your neighbors through the years and see their individual skills first hand. Now that he knows who’s who, he wants to introduce them to you. Jerry’s objective is to aid each entertainer in their quest towards stardom while maintaining a connection with the fans that have helped them from launch to orbit.

In every issue you will find a Navigational Guide to direct you through the Star Studded Constellations. Included in the magazine a Stellar Directory of links embedded in each article that directs you to the artist’s website. Of course, no Observatory would be complete without state of the art tools; so, bring your star into focus using the Telescope blog to post a comment on their article. When you need to know where a new star is launching from look no further, Stardom details every Launch Pad as well as the current path of Orbit. Inside the cover you will find the perfect Galaxy, sure to please every Stargazer; however, if there is a neighboring star that you know hasn’t ever been included in an issue, fill out the Star Search Form and submit their name. Jerry will be certain to send one of his Cosmic Reporters out for an interview. Additionally, each issue will include a Star Turn Feature which will keep you current in all things super stellar. While you’re here sign the visitors Log and add your name to the mailing list for the stars.

Starry eyed people need look no further, just watch for the next starlit issue of Stardom E-Magazine. In the meantime, feel free to comment on the current issue with your other star struck friends!

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